Corrosion Resistant, Tough, Inert Coating for H2S, Acid, Base and Sulfur Applications

Dursan(R)US Patent Pending

Durable, inert and corrosion resistant coating.

Ideal for process, refinery, oil & gas and chemical process industries, and wherever a tough coating is required.


Dursan® CVD coating technology.  Now ultimate inertness:


Improved Dursan® now offers superior surface inertness. Old Dursan prevented H2S and sulfur adsorption down to 10 ppm but could not retain H2S samples at 1ppm (v1).  New Dursan is capable of retaining over 95% of H2S at 20 part-per-billion; orders of magnitude better than original Dursan.  Now you can get it all, superior inertness, corrosion resistance and high durability in one coating!

Dursan_4Dursan is a proprietary patent pending coating designed to improve the inertness, hardness, and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, alloys, glass, and ceramics. Dursan will deform with tubing or part surfaces, allowing a leak-free seal or radius bend while maintaining high dimensional tolerances.

Dursan® offers superior wear resistance and durability under extreme conditions.

Dursan’s scratch resistant, high temperature, pH stable and hard surface is the logical choice for harsh environments. Dursan remains inert under the most extreme conditions.  Click Here to learn more about Dursan corrosion resistance.


Dursan’s superior inertness and extreme corrosion resistance make it the ideal coating for harsh environments.